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Date: 25th May 2016
Molybdenum Wire In Roll
Baoji Shengyuan Metal Material Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China molybdenum wire in roll manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, equipped with a professional factory and company, welcome to wholesale quality molybdenum wire in roll products from us.Place?of?OriginShaanxi,?China?Brand?NameSYMTModelMo1,Mo2,?Mo-AlloyShapeWirePurity99.95%minDensity10.2g/m3Melting?Point2610?StandardGB,?ASTMDimensionAccording?to?your?requirementsQualityISO9001:2008ApplicationUsed?to?manufacture?electric?light?and?electric?vacuumcomponents?and?the?high?temperature?heatingbodyand?high?temperature?structural?parts.MOQ5Kg99.95%min Pure Molybdenum WireName: Molybdenum WireAppearance: silver white metal lusterPurity: 99.95%minDensity: 10.2g/m3Quality standard:?GB/T 4182-2003 (molybdenum wire)Molybdenum Wire Product InformationOur molybdenum wire is produced by stretching the Molybdenum rod to various diameter after the rod undergo the pass rolling and rotary forging to about 3mm. The Advantages of our molybdenum wire are with good stability, good tensile strength, high precision cutting and low elongation. Our factory can provide various of molybdenum wires with the diameter among 0.18~3.0mm, we can also provide custom products as your requirements. We offer 2,000 to 3,000 kg pure molybdenum wire products per month. Standard availability is described below. Other sizes and tolerances are available.Molybdenum?Wire?TypesDiameter?(inch)Tolerance?(%)Molybdenum?Wire?for?EDM0.007"?~?0.01"?3%?wtMolybdenum?Spray?Wire1/16"?~?1/8"?1%?to?3%?wtMolybdenum?Wire0.002"?~?0.08"?3%?wtMolybdenum?Wire(clean)0.006"?~?0.04"?3%?wtOur Testing ResultOur?testing?for?Molybdenum?wireWCCaOMgSi?0.003%?0.005%?0.002%?0.0012%?0.005%?0.00005%AlFeNiPbPCu?0.001%?0.001%?0.001%?0.001%?0.0005%?0.0005%NMo1?0.001%BalanceApplicationMolybdenum wire is made with the molybdenum powder which purity is 99.95%, it has a good high-temperature tensile strength and corrosion resistance after sintering, forging, and drawing. Molybdenum wires are mainly applied for automobile manufacturing, aerospace and so on.??