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Date: 25th May 2016
Molybdenum Heating Element
Baoji Shengyuan Metal Material Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China molybdenum heating element manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, equipped with a professional factory and company, welcome to wholesale quality molybdenum heater products from us. SpecificationSpecial supplier of Mo heater?Fine shape according to user's drawing?Molybdenum?Heat ElementAccording to furnace design and operating temperature,?we?supply hot zones with heating elements?in the form of strip heaters, wire and rod elements, stranded-wire elements or mesh-heaters.1)Molybdenum Strip HeaterMade of?Mo, MoLa, TZMVery fine shapeHigh mechanical and thermal stabilityLow creep deformationSupply?heating elements according to user's drawing2)Molybdenum heater wire and rodSize:dia.0.3 - 3 mm x coil????????dia.3 - 11 mm x 6000 mm longVery fine?surface and?density uniformity??????Physical and Chemical Properties Product?name: Mo?heater?element Tensile?strength 610?Mpa Elongation ?10% Purity ?99.95%,99.97% Size: dia.0.3?-?3?mm?x?coil ?dia.?3?-?11?mm?x?6000?mm?long Surface: black Use?temperature 1800?C Quantitative?analysis Element Ni Mg Fe Pb Al Bi Si Ca P Cu Concentration(%) 0.0006 0.0006 0.001 0.0006 0.003 0.0006 0.003 0.0006 0.001 0.0006 Element C O Sb Concentration(%) 0.001 0.005 0.0006 Purity(Metallic?Base)?Mo?99.95% ElementNiMgFePbAlBiSiCdPConcentration(%)0.0014<0.00010.0047<0.00010.0002<0.0001<0.001<0.001<0.001ElementCNSbSnCu????Concentration(%)0.00210.03<0.0001<0.0001<0.0005????Purity(Metallic?Base)?Mo?99.97 ApplicationHeater element for Hydrog enenvironment furnace, vacuum furnace4.Advantage of our tungsen crucible- bright and chemically cleaned surface with quality. ???- uniform grain with densified microstructure ensures longer?use time.- precise machining tolerance.- professional after-sales servicePackage DetailsFirst packaging with?moisture-proof paperSecond packaging with KraftpaperThird packaging with foam plastics in all side of plywood case.Finally packing products in plywood caseTransportationShipping goods by TNT,DHL,Fedex,UPS,EMS etc.Transport goods to Beijing or Shanghai air port by air transportationProducts into the plywood case ?